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...from the "City Beat" November 3, 1999

The King's Head Pub is a staunch champion of Campbell's Celtic heritage

Sam Summerscales, owner of the King's Head Pub and Restaurant in downtown Campbell is determined to bring Campbell's Celtic heritage to a city known more for its dried wrinkled fruit than for its warm woolen tartans.

Working with the downtown association, the English-bred businessman helped create Celtic heritage Week, Campbell's annual weeklong celebration of all things Celtic.

"The town was founded by a Celt, Benjamin Campbell. This is a Celtic community ....I'm from England but I must have a Celtic heart. I've done the Scottish games in this area now for 23 years...I don't know why, I just have this thing for Celtic."

Bruce Cotter, who has played the Highland pipes for 16 years, started playing a the King's Head last New Year's Eve as a last-minute replacement for a piper who didn't make it to the party. Since then, he's been a regular performer at the pub's Thursday night session. "I do it because it's a fun thing to do," says Bruce. "It's a good atmosphere: a British pub owned by British people."

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