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"Thank you very much indeed for agreeing to be a part of the concert in Capitola. Mantis was the highlight of the event. The theater management was very pleased with the results. Many thanks for being part of a fun event."


"A special note of thanks to say how much we appreciated the outstanding job you did playing at our wedding. You were truly the highlight of the evening. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your music and your performance." K and M

"Dear Bruce,
We want to thank you for being a part of our wedding celebration. The sounds of your bagpipe were so beautiful during every part of the ceremony...As we were taking pictures afterward, we could hear the bagpipe music drifting across the Bay. It was beautiful! We had so much fun picking out songs with you and your mom - both of you helped immensely! Thanks again for everything!"...Mary and Kevin

"Thank you for performing at our wedding. It is something we will never forget!" Renee and Chris

"Bruce, Thank you for adding such a special touch to our wedding celebration"....K and K


"I was moved beyond words by your beautiful music. Thank you for making my husband's memorial everything I could have hoped for. You were perfect and the music heavenly."...R.R.

"You played with such grace and nobleness at my Dad's funeral which we will not forget. It was a grand way to send him off."...G.D.

"The quality of your performance at my dad's wake was excellent. Thank you for helping honor his one request. I will never forget it." ...J.E.

"Thank you so much, Bruce, for your contribution in honoring my father's memory. You made the service - he would have been proud." ...K.F.

"Dear Mr. Bruce Cotter,
Thank you for playing the pipes for my grandmother's funeral. She was born in Scotland and was proud of her rich heritage. I'm sure she is smiling down today"...C.D.